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Where can I adjust or tune to the Radio Banadir?

You can listen to us at 49, 17 and fm frequency if you are living in Somali. On the other hand, if you are away or live in other country you have a chance to listen our daily broadcasting by just getting into the Internet and visit our web site which is www.radiobanadir.com

Can I send you an article to publish if I got one?

Yes, of course we consider the public participation of the programs that we intend to deliver. The radio does appreciate for those who make a contact and send the right article which has benefits to all society. If you want to publish something, radio banadir is giving you the opportunity to be heard and share your voice. Our listeners are scattered through out the world, so there is an opportunity your views can be read around world.

What can I listen to online?

If you are using internet to listen the radio, the main programs that you might find out are the latest events that have occurred in Somalia, and you have also a chance to listen Somali songs, short history, and Poetry. There are also an entertainment programs that we deliver on daily basis.

How do I listen online?

You can listen online to Radio Banadir by using live stream either Real Media Player or Windows Media Player. On the Radio home page.

You can listen to the Radio Banadir Archives using Real Media Player. Look for the speaker icon and links that say "Listen." When you click on one of these links, it will open up a small window that will play the audio file and display information on the audio clip. If the clip doesn't play from this window, try to click the microphone.

Where do the programs on Radio come from?

The reporters, producers, and directors arrange and sort the programs that Radio banadir deliver. The public producer the news and we help this voice to reach a different part of country. We have some programs that our writers arrange them, but the news usually belonging to the public.

What programs does RBB produce?

Radio airs the following programs from within:
RBB News Service, Marketplace, This Somali Life, To The Best of Our Knowledge, The World News, Morning Edition, On the Media Says You!, Selected Shorts stories for kids.

What is the Radio banadir broadcasting?

Radio Banadir Broadcasting (RBB) is non-profit broadcasting which serve the society. Radio airs local news as well as the international. Our programs are informative, persuasive and entertainment. These programs are broadcasted from Mogadishu in Somali language, and it is distributed the whole country. There is also programs allocated for the people who live outside of country by using via internet.

How can I get a tape, CD or transcript of a program?

We often keep the record in our archives, so if you interest to get programs that we had delivered before you can visit our studio or contact us by sending phone or an email.

What kind of hardware and software do I need to listen online?

You can use a computer, which works properly; there is no specific hardware that you should use in order to listen the internet broadcasting. You just need a computer that function and have a real player or real media in order to able to listen the voice. If you have difficult to listen, you need to download a real player in order to able to listen the news and the song.

Whose voice am I listening to?

You usually listen one of our broadcasters and reporters that show the way the programs that the Radio Banadir is delivering. There are reporters, newsmakers, editors, and technicians whom make possible the functions the radio properly. They are those who you might hear their voice while you are turned on with the radio broadcasting.

Can I work there?

Yes, there are many possibilities that anyone could work at Radio Banadir Broadcasting. We are welcoming those who get aspirations to be a journalist or a writer. If you are interested to join us just send an email, so we can contact with you.

Jobs in Rbb, is an equal opportunity for any who is seeking a job, and we do not separate or discriminate because of the tribe, political affiliation, and age or gender.

Due to the extremely high volumes of job request, only candidates with qualifications that best match the position will be contacted for potential interviews.

Can I volunteer there?

As you are aware, Radio Banadir is non-profit organization; there are a lot of volunteers that make possible to the RBB to serve the public. Hundred of young youth and journalist help the radio Banadir in order to inform the society of current issue and entertainment them. Producer, and directors advocate and train the volunteers who never work before in a studio. We also train the younger youth for our rehab programs. We are requiring people who have skills for the directing, producing and so on ....