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TowfiiQ is one of the oldest money remittances in Somali and has branches in most of the major cities around the world. The idea behind its success is by putting up a team of competent and skilled managers, a board of directors equipped with the right strategic business administration.

With it is long history and experience of transferring money or fund through out the world for the last three decades; it has helped the company to attract many satisfied customers and investors that have flourished within the company.

The company has maintained a sustainable growth since implementing the policy of working with the public and encouraging participation. Teamwork and good organizational practice is based on simple principles of ethical business conduct. It has already accepted to use an easy and clear guidance rules.

To strive and enhance the qualities and effectiveness of the services the company provides to the society, it has encouraged its experts and skilled people to collect a system of data, which is a very reliable and stable.

By developing a clear mission and the right objectives the company is making a great progress to reduce the fixed and variable cost of operating and maintains to remain a good compete for the business of transferring money. The board of directors has always tried to bring into existence a system that is clear and cohesiveness that could bring about excellent results.

The company's mission and aims are to provide better services, improved and sustained growth. And render services, which are very fast, reliable, dependable and trustworthy to all its customers all over the globe.

To reach our dreams and fulfill our commitments, the company has adopted and outlined a clear objective policy, which are supported to the mission:

  • Delegating and encouraging their agency to take a professional decisions

  • To increase and use new technology of sharing information

  • To create and hire very capable employees

  • To encouraged a teamwork that promotes a mutual understanding between management, supervisor and agencies.

  • Constant monitoring and inspections to ensure quality service

  • To keep the integrity of a balanced team, the company builds a ground rules which maintains the company's policies

  • By using lasting, permanent, fast rules and regulations, the company is designed to act and move in order to accomplish the services in relatively little time

  • Providing speedy action to accommodate customers demands and concern

  • Allowing the company to respond rapidly in order to reduce complains of customers

TowfiiQ provides information and of consulting / market research services to small business owners in Somali. For the people seeking capital - our team focuses on business planning and providing market research: Please feel free to contact us TowfiiQ Ventures to discuss how we can work together to create value for your business.

Using our experts, TowfiiQ could provide you the following information if you are interesting to invest in Somali.

  • Market search:
    Market Research is one of the most important sections of any business plan. Every CEO needs to demonstrate to investors the size of the market, an understanding of the competitors and what analysts are projecting for market growth.

  • Business plan consulting:
    TowfiiQ Ventures works with both startups and established companies to write and develop business plans to both document business strategy, detail market research competitive analysis and to raise capital.

  • Capital formation:
    TowfiiQ Ventures assists companies in identifying and raising capital, by introducing quality companies and easy ways to gather the Capital.

  • Market strategy:
    TowfiiQ Ventures partners with companies at all stages of development, to aggressively execute business development, sales and marketing, and distribution agreements.